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Chances are that you are using products with coatings right now!

For example the anti-reflection coating on your phone, tablet or computer screen. Or the invisible fireproof coating of the building you are in, the anti slip coating on the floor or powder coating on your desk. Coatings are becoming more and more intertwined in our daily lives.

First there were only protective coatings and decorative coatings.  Now the demands of the building projects, architects & markets are changing.  The  smart, functional and reactive coatings are on the rise.  The Indian coating market is changing and expanding and wea re here to help you match up with the best companies in the global coating industry.

Our mission is clear and simple: Connecting the world of coatings online.” We want to do this by making good matches between companies and by providing free valuable information to the companies / people seeking help in this industry.

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Most read and requested coatings

applying heat resistant paint with spray gun
man walking on white 3d flooring in India
powder coating with a spray gun in industrial environment
hydrophobic coating on window
a white mercedes with teflon coating for car paint
Polishing a car where teflon coating has been applied onto
teflon coating for bike applied on a motorcycle
packaging coating on sardine cans
colorful wood coatings on a timber wall
anti reflection coating on car dashboard
anti skid paint on a walkway

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