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Our mission informs about solutions and technology in the field of coatings. Our mission is “Connecting the world of coatings online“. If you have any questions about coatings or looking for a price quote for your project please feel free to contact us.


The world of coating

Look around, chances are that you are using products with coaitngs right now. Think about an anti glare coating on your computer screen, tablet or smart phone. Or the invisible layer of fire resistant coating to make your office safe preventing it from buring down in minutes. Anti corrosion coating on traffic signs when you were on the road or powder coating on your furniture at home. Coatings are everywhere in our lives.

Be informed

Coatings are applied on almost any product or surface. We understand that sometimes it is a challenge to pick the right coating, how much it will cost and how it needs to be applied for the best result. Also the regulations change regularly for mandatory coatings in buildings and special surfaces. Through our professional partners and network of coating companies we therefore always have the most up to date information and prices for you available.

Let us help you!

We are here to help! Feel free to contact us about any coating related issues and questions you might have, one of our specialized coating experts will help you or connect you with the right parnter.


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