Abrasion resistant coating India

abrasion resistant coating

What is abrasion resistant coating and why use it?

Abrasion resistant coating or anti wear coating, as the name implies, is a type of coating that prevents surfaces from abrasion. As such, the coating is usually applied to metal surfaces and other materials that can be subject to abrasion. Abrasion resistant coating can be used for many reasons including:

  • Reinforcing metal and the structures made out of metal.
  • Reinforce buildings, bridges and metaled roads by protecting them from abrasion
  • Various consumer goods that contain metal can be made more durable using non-abrasive coating.
  • Industries can coat various equipment that they use to work with. This way the production process can be improved further.

Abrasion resistant coating on different materials

Protect steel against abrasion
anti wear coating steel

Applying wear-resistant coating to steel can be a very cost-effective method to reinforce structures that contain steel. Steel is widely used in constructing modern day buildings, bridges and other high-rise structures. Special abrasion resistant coating for steel is available in India.

Steel, despite being a very robust material, is vulnerable to abrasion. This is because steel is simply another alloy of iron. This implies that steel contains, besides other materials, a considerable amount of iron.

Iron can get corroded very easily if left in a moist environment. Corrosion is one form of abrasion. Therefore, areas where the climate gets humid, applying the abrasion resistant coating on steel structures is crucial. Otherwise, the whole structure can lose its strength.

Abrasion resistant coating for plastic

A number of materials and products are made out of plastic. It is advised to use an abrasion resistant coating for plastic, because, as you may know, plastic is a fragile substance. This implies it can wear away easily due to overuse. Also, plastic surfaces can get scratches that reduce the surface’s lifespan.

Protecting plastic by applying anti-wear coating can be an effective means by which the product can last longer and retain its value. In addition, not only will the surface become more durable when using an abrasion resistant coating, it will also retain its shine as if it were new.

Things such as phone covers, toys and furniture can command a much higher price if coated with Abrasion resistant paint.

Abrasion resistant coating for aluminum

Aluminum is subject to corrosion just like iron. This means it is also subject to abrasion. Aluminum today has a number of industrial applications. It is used in making smart-phone bodies, drink cans, cars, planes and many other things.

Given such a wide usage, it is important that items made from aluminum are protected from abrasion. Otherwise, products can lose their value rapidly and it may also mean a potential safety hazard considering its use in cars and aircrafts.

Applying abrasion resistant coating to aluminum structures can greatly enhance the durability and quality of products that use aluminum. It is a cost-effective method to reinforce aluminum products.

Abrasion resistant coating manufacturers and suppliers in India

You can find a lot of abrasion resistant coating providers in India. There are different types of coating but the primary purpose of all them is to prevent abrasion. They can cost between INR 750 to INR 1000 per square meter.

Major suppliers include M/s. Dura Plast, MPR Technique India Private Limited and Star Coatings & Membranes Private Limited. You can find more on indiamart.com

Are you looking for an abrasion resistant coating in India please contact us. We are happy to help.

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