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removing graffiti from a surface with anti graffiti coating

Anti graffiti coating makes graffiti easy to remove

Anti graffiti coating helps repel graffiti from hard surfaces. One needs to coat vulnerable surfaces so that when a graffitist tries to paint surfaces, the paint can be removed easily. Some of the reasons you may need anti graffiti coatings coating are:

  • Removing graffiti paints manually can cost a lot of money and consume time
  • Coating for anti graffiti is environmental friendly
  • Such coatings are very efficient in bringing off the paint after a surface has been defaced

Anti graffiti coatings can be categorized according to the type of surface they are meant for. Essentially, the types that are discussed here is anti graffiti coating for concrete and brick, metal and wood.

 Temporary and permanent anti graffiti solutions

Removing graffiti from a surface that has been treated with anti graffiti coating is easy: just use water and soap.

Removing graffiti from a surface that has been treated with anti graffiti coating is easy: just use water and soap.

A semi permanent anti graffiti coating creates a polymer intermediate barrier on the wall.  The graffiti attaches to the barrier instead of to the wall itself. There is also a permanent and more expensive kind of coating. This coating is made of nano particles and these particles ensure a hard protective layer.

Semi permanent anti graffiti paint

This type of coating is also called semi permanent b-wax. The composition and function of the coating resembles a wax layer. A semi permanent or temporary anti graffiti coating creates a polymer intermediate barrier on the wall and the graffiti attaches to the barrier instead of to the wall itself. When cleaning the wall, the graffiti and the layer will both come off. This makes it an easy cleaning job. Unfortunately, after the removal, it is necessary to apply a new coating layer.

Permanent anti graffiti coating

A more permanent anti graffiti solution is a nano coating. This hydrophobic coating with nano particles ensures a seamless protective and waterproof layer. As a result, when removing the graffiti the substrate won’t damage. After cleaning the surface, reapplication of the coating is not necessary.

The coating can be more expensive than temporary coatings but is also more durable and therefore is effective for 3-8 years.

Anti graffiti coating for concrete and bricks

Anti-Graffiti coating for concrete and anti graffiti coating for brick is similar to the antigraffiti coating for wood. However, this coating is meant for removing graffiti on concrete surfaces. Such anti-wear coatings are very useful as they can be used on buildings and structures that are made of concrete.

Subways, alleyways and cities have a number of walls that are built of concrete. It is also common for graffitists to target such areas as they cannot be easily spotted at night.

Moreover, the surfaces are quite large giving the culprit a greater incentive to showcase their art.

Therefore, anti graffiti coatings for brick and concrete can help prevent such vandalism and keep the city clean from such felonies.

anti-graffiti coating

A brick wall with graffiti

Anti-graffiti coating protects metal surfaces

Metal surfaces may not be as vulnerable to vandalism as wood and concrete. This is because graffitists usually prefer the latter surfaces. Also, many cities and neighborhoods have concrete and wooden surfaces. Nevertheless, applying anti graffiti coating for metal can serve as wear-resistant coating for a metal surface. This implies that the metal surfaces can be protected from wearing out.

Anti graffiti coating for metal are also:

  • Wear resistant
  • Anti corrosive
  • Waterproof



When damage is done – removing graffiti

Removing graffiti paint from a wall covered with anti graffiti coating is fairly easy. This is demonstrated in the video below:

You can use a high pressure cleaner to remove the graffiti paint. Without any cleaning products! We advise you to remove the paint with warm water. If it is not sufficient to use a high pressure cleaner then you can also use a multi-purpose cleaning paste. It is advised to reapply one or two layers of anti graffiti coating after removing the graffiti with the cleaning paste.

3 ways to get rid of graffiti on non-treated surface

  1. Cover it with paint; a proven and cheap solution to cover graffiti is to simply paint it over. However, this is not advised. After a while the graffiti will be visible and when overpainted regularly the paint will start to peel;
  2. Chemical cleaning; in stead of covering it up, you can choose for a chemical removal of the graffiti. Yhe paintwork will also release from a painted wall after a chemical cleaning. This method is not environmental friendly, to say the least.
  3. Organic cleaning; There are cleaning products available on a natural basis that do not harm the surface and the environment. However, these cleaning products are more expensive.

Anti graffiti coating manufacturers and prices in India

There are a number of coating providers in India. The prices can vary according to the quantity that you want to buy. There are anti graffiti paints that are as low as INR 250 per liter and as high as INR 2957 per Kilogram.

Ekdant Enterprises and Monarch Industrial Products India Private Limited are some of the leading suppliers.

If you are looking for anti graffiti coatings in India please contact us. We are happy to help you find the best product and supplier for your project.

Legality of Graffiti in India

Graffiti has been there since the ancient times of human civilization. In that time it existed in the form of stone paintings and wall inscriptions. In the 1960’s, graffiti became very popular. But the explosion of Hip-Hop culture in the 1990’s has brought graffiti to where it is today. As in developed countries, graffiti in India is illegal if done without the consent of the wall owner. But that is where a major difference lies. In India, it’s much easier to find people who are willing to let an artist ‘decorate’ their walls. This happens in urban areas where people are persuaded by the proposition of getting a beautiful mural done on their walls completely free of cost. One such example is Khirki Village in Delhi where walls are open canvases for Indian and overseas graffiti artists.

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