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Nano coating in India

Use the dirt and water repellent properties of nano coating Nano coating is used in almost every sector. From automotive, to food, the interior and the textile sectors. Not only does it seal the original layer of paint, such as car paint, it also provides windows with a self-cleaning or waterproofing property.  This can be […]

Wall coating in India

A functional and decorative finish with wall coating Wall coating is the solution when you wish to give your walls extra durability. Wall coating does not only give your walls a decorative finish, but can make an outside- or inner wall, for example waterproof and resistant to dirt. Not mentioning the possible hygienic properties that […]

Vantablack Paint in India

The blackest black paint – Vantablack paint in India The trending Vantablack paint, developed in 2015 by Surray Nanosystems in the United Kingdom, is so black that it holds the Guinness World Record for the Darkest Man-made Substance. The  coating raised a lot of questions about the possibilities of applying the coating on different substrates […]

Tablet coating in the pharmaceutical industry of India

The pharmaceutical industry in India Producing medical tablets with a coating becomes more and more popular in the pharmaceutical industry nowadays. Customer expectations, pharmaceutical regulations and competition in the market are growing quickly. Therefore, coating tablets is often a required part of the process when drugs are manufactured. The Indian pharmaceutical market is the third […]

Smog eating coating – Solving the smog in Delhi

Smog eating coating to decrease The Great Smog of Delhi In 2011, a New York based company, Arconic, launched the first smog eating coating for windows called “EcoClean”.  This is a special type of nano coating that helps buildings self-clean and purify the surrounding air. The smog eating coating offers a number of benefits over traditional glass windows, such […]

Powder Coating Prices

What to expect for powder coating prices in India Are you looking for powder coating prices in India for a large project or a long term project? Then you have reached the right address! This article will provide you with the prices of powder coating powder, powder coating equipment and the prices for industrial applications […]

Powder coating Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Powder coating Kolkata Kolkata is one of the major industrial areas in West Bengal and home to a variety of different industries. These industries include, for example, steel and iron, biotechnology and information technology (IT). Therefore, powder coating is popular in Kolkata as well. Powder coating projects In order to excite powder coating projects successfully, […]

Epoxy Flooring Bangalore, Karnataka

Epoxy Flooring Bangalore – Enhance the quality and looks of your floors Bangalore is home to a variety of different big industry sectors. The biggest sectors in Bangalore are, for example, the garment, technology, aerospace, healthcare and steel industries. Epoxy flooring is a solution for many in Bangalore, due to the high amount of companies […]

Powder Coating Delhi

Powder Coating – Delhi Delhi is one of the biggest cities in India with a variety of growing industries. Due to the increased amount of consumer goods companies, the manufacturing industry in Delhi grew tremendously as well.  Therefore, Delhi is a popular location for powder coating manufacturers and service companies that apply powder coatings. Powder […]

Epoxy Flooring Delhi

Epoxy flooring Delhi – improve the looks and quality of your floor Epoxy flooring is becoming very popular in the industrial sectors and even at home. The increasing demand for epoxy flooring is due to the high amount of solutions the floor provides when applied correctly. The options vary or are mixed between anti slip, […]

Epoxy Flooring India

Epoxy flooring: everything you need to know If you are searching for a flooring solution that will cope with the most demanding situations in style, as well as being durable and easy to clean, epoxy flooring is for you. Epoxy flooring is a coating suitable for heavy duty industrial areas, commercial buildings, and even for at home. […]

Marine coating India

Marine coating in India Currently, India has 12 major ports and 200 minor ones. Listed on the 16th place of the largest maritime countries in the world. Due to the high quantity of cargo traffic in India, the country is home to a lot of ships used in the business industry. All these ships need to […]

Powder coating wood India

The next best thing: Powder Coating wood A few years ago, powder coating wood was not possible, due to the high temperatures in the curing process. When wood is exposed to high temperatures, such as 180 degrees Celsius in the powder coating process, the wood cracks. Besides that, an other powder coating method in which […]

Epoxy flooring Mumbai

Epoxy flooring Mumbai: Improving the looks and hygiene of your floor Epoxy floor coatings are usually two component systems which consist of epoxy resins and curing agents. With its chemical resistant quality and protection from multiple industrial problems, epoxy flooring is suitable for industrial environments, workshops, and even for at home. However, epoxy does not […]

Teflon coating for cars – India

Teflon coating – Give your car protection and a beautiful shine Teflon coating on cars is a widely practiced application. It is possible to paint the bodies of cars with Teflon to give them a brilliant shine and prevent corrosion. Consequently, the coating prevents wear and tear of the car. Also, Teflon is suitable for […]

Teflon Coating Process – India

Introducing Teflon coating. Teflon coating exists in a liquid form and powder. The coating can be applied in different manners and needs to be baked in an oven on a certain temperature to create the tough and protective finish. This is also known as curing in the Teflon coating process. Before starting the Teflon coating […]

Powder Coating Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Powder coating in Bangalore, Karnataka The industry of Bangalore has a wide aspect of companies categorized in different industries. Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India and therefore attractive for a wide variety of different companies. The demand for powder coatings increases due to the growing business industry in Bangalore. Powder coating projects To make […]

3D Epoxy Flooring – Decorative floors in Bangalore

3D Epoxy Flooring – Transform your floor into an eye-catcher The possibilities with epoxy floors are endless. 3D epoxy flooring is a huge trend in 2017 and is likely to become even more popular in the future. Transforming the floors of the areas in which your customers enter the office will astonish them. You can […]

India’s biggest Nano Technology event 2017

India’s annual Nano Technology event The 9th Flagship Nano technology event of India “Bangalore INDIA NANO”,  will be held upcoming December. The annual event is organized by the Government of Karnataka, the Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology. The overall guidance for these organisations will be done by the Vision Group on […]