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Heat reflective roof coating and its benefits

Heat reflective roof coating is a form of coating that can be applied on roofs of houses to reflect off heat of the sun. In particular, the heat reflecting roof coating reflects the visible, infra-red and ultra-violet rays. Due to this, heat reflective coatings are used for various purposes:

  • They are applied to roofs in order to prevent too much heat entering the house.
  • This reduces the use of air-conditioning thus it contributes to the conservation of energy. It also helps prevent air pollution.

In India high temperatures are highly expected especially in the dry season due to lack of rains and high solar radiation. Because of that, suffering from heat tends to be inevitable.

A simple solution to beat the heat indoors in India is to apply a heat reflective roof coating.

Heat reflective roof coating for flat roofsheat reflective roof coating flat roof

Heat roof coating for flat roofs can be an effective way of making the house cooler during sunny days. As mentioned earlier, heat reflective coatings are an effective way to keep one’s house cool. This reduces the need to use air-conditioning and this saves a lot of energy.

Not to mention that doing so will also reduce energy bills. Traditionally, roofs were painted white in order to reflect heat. These “cool roofs” are still in use today in some parts of the world. However, these cool roofs have their own negative points.

According to research, cool roofs, instead of reducing air pollution, may actually increase it. This is because it has been studied that cool roofs actually contribute to global warming. This is particularly true for households that are situated in cold areas.

Nevertheless, reflective roofs are becoming quite popular in urban areas. This may be because of the increasing number of people moving to urban areas from rural districts, thereby causing a general increase in temperature.

Whether heat reflective coatings are advantageous or not is a doubtful topic. However, if one is planning to make their roofs heat reflective, one needs to carefully consider the cost against the benefits.

Heat reflecting roof coating for shinglesheat reflective roof coating shingles

Just like roof coatings for flat roofs, roof coatings for shingles is widely used by households to keep their homes cool. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, shingle roofs are the ones that sloping on either side. They are usually found in suburbs in developed countries.

They are essentially made up of separate slabs placed upon one another. The slabs can be made up of a number of different materials. Usually, they are made up of timber. However, fiberglass asphalt, metals and polymers are also not uncommon.

Shingles can already come with coatings that are heat reflective. Nevertheless, such pre-coated shingles are normally unsafe and are not recommended. However, applying heat-reflective coating separately can effectively keep the shingles protected and your house cool.

As with the coatings for flat roofs, it is important that one considers the costs and benefits of applying the coating. The very important thing that you need to consider in both cases, is the climate and environment.

Although this may be something obvious, it is however not necessary that a hot climate will result in significant cost reductions if one applies the coatings. Furthermore, humid climates may reduce the effectiveness of these coatings.

Heat reflective roof coating manufacturers and prices in India

There a variety of heat reflective coating providers in India. The price range is between INR 500 to around INR 700 per kilogram. Again, Indiamart.com is a place where one can look up many suppliers. These include Chitra Insultec Pvt. Ltd, Unique Importer & Co etc.

Are you looking for a local manufacturer for heat reflective roof coating in India please contact us. We are happy to help.

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