High temperature paint in India

applying high temperature paint with spray gun

Heat resistant paint | High temperature paint in India

High temperature paint and coating (heat resistant coatings) has a special property which allows them to withstand high temperatures. These coatings are designed for challenging environments which require heat resistance. Nevertheless, one must not confuse high temperature coating and fire proof coating. High temperature coatings increase the substrate’s ability to withstand high temperatures but does not protect the material from fire, like a fire retardant paint.

They additionally provide protection against problems like corrosion and over heating. The high temperature coatings can be based on epoxies, silicon or multi polymer matrix resins. The composition of the coating is dependent on the level of heat resistance. High temperature epoxy coating is always a two component system. Applications of these heat resistant coatings are present in manufacturing, aerospace, military, power and petrochemical industries.

red high temperature paint on duct work

Duct work is one of the most common industrial applications of high temperature paint

Advantages of heat resistant paint

High temperature coatings are suitable for places which require extreme heat resistant. The standard heat resistant coating systems have a design which can resist temperatures from 150 °C to over 760°C. There are however, also special, mostly industrial coatings for temperatures between -185 °C and 870°C. The coatings provide the following advantages:

  • Allowing higher operating temperatures which can lead to increase in efficiency;
  • Insulating various industrial components from prolonged heat loads;
  • Reducing thermal fatigue;
  • Improving durability;
  • Increasing cost effectiveness.

High temperature coating for metal and steel | Maximum heat protection

Heat resistant coating for metal and alloys prevents oxidation of the material and contamination of working environment. When untreated metal is constantly exposed to heat, it may release harmful gasses and chemicals into the air. Constant high temperatures also affect metals. The heat resistant coatings prevent these phenomena by blocking gas diffusion into and out of steel structures or metals. Furthermore, applying high temperature coatings for steel enables effective heat treatment processes. Heat resistant coatings minimize oxidation and reduce surface defects on stainless steel and other materials. Consequently, they increase the durability of the surface.

Ceramic coating for extremely high temperatures

Corrosion occurs due to moisture exposure in the air. These high heat coatings are ideal for preventing corrosion problems of engine components and exhaust systems. High temperature ceramic coatings can withstand 1200°C temperatures. Some systems can even resist up to 1600°C. The best use for the coating is application on parts which must resist extremely high temperatures. Applications of ceramic coatings are possible on various metallic structures like chrome, cast iron and aluminum.

It is ideal for manifolds, brackets, exhaust pipes and headers. High heat coatings reduce the surfaces’ heat content and detonation. Moreover, these coatings are helpful with extending the life of components. They provide reduction in thermal fatigue, decrease corrosion problems and provide lifetime protection against rust. Also, the parts with a high temperature ceramic coating cool down fast which makes it easier to adjust them.

High temperature paint for exhaust

High temperature coatings are also strongly present in the automotive industry. The vehicles burn fuel, which releases heat. To prevent over heating of the parts most at risk, different kinds of high temperature coating are applicable. Engines must be able to resist constant heat, when they are running. They must also resist oil, gas and grease under the hood. One might also want to paint the engine of a car or motorcycle in brilliant colors and glosses. The solutions are often 2K systems and exist in ceramic and urethane bases and often make use of nano technology. The application can take place with either a brush or a spray. Metallic colors should always be sprayed to retain the color and gloss properties.

Exhausts also tend to rust and wear out due to heat and gasses. Additionally, exhausts are exposed to dirt. It is rather simple to protect the exhaust with similar coating systems as engine paints. It is important that the coatings have heat and corrosion resistant properties. Both, liquid and powder coatings are applicable for engines and exhausts.

High temperature paint prices in India

High temperature or heat resistant coatings are available in a lot of different colors. The choice of finish ranges from matt to high-gloss. The price of high temperature ceramic coating depends on the size and type of project. The products are available mostly for industrial use, but they are also available for consumers. The following gives a price indication on the consumer market products.

Rust-Oleum 249340 | High Heat Primer Spray Paint (Grey) | 1 can 340 gr. | 610 Rs.

Bosny | Hi-Heat Resistant 1200°F Aerosol Spray Paint (black) | 1 can 400 ml. | 385 Rs.

High temperature paint manufacturers in India


Berger Becker Coatings Pvt. Ltd. D 58, Beside Lemken Factory, MIDC, Buttibori, Nagpur, Maharastra – 441122, India
Pragati Paints & Allied Products No . 77, Jyotiba Nagar, Chikhali Road, Talawade, Pune, Maharashtra – 412114 – India
Star Paint & Oil Industries Crescent Chambers, 56, Tamarind Street, Fort, Mumbai – 400023, India
Vivid India B-16, Vivid House, Pushpanjali Enclave Pitampure, Delhi 110034, India
Macromol Products Plot No. 47, Arignar Anna Industrial Estate, Mettukuppam, Vanafgaram, Tamil Nadu, Chennai – 600095, India

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