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hydrophobic coating on window

Hydrophobic coating – water repellent coating

Nanotechnology made the development of hydrophobic coating possible. These coatings are waterproof, which means “afraid of water”. Essentially, hydrophobic surfaces do not let the water soak into them. Rather, they turn the water into a shape of a column and repel them effectively. Therefore, hydrophobic coating is a solution for many different objects that can be damaged by water. The coatings also have oleophobic properties, which means that the layer does not only repel water but also grease and oils. The coating makes the surface easy to clean and does not change the appearance of the surface.

Difference between hydrophobic, superhydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings

These three coatings have very similar names, but there properties differentiate them from each other.

  • Superhydrophobic coatings have a water contact angle bigger than 150 degrees. The sliding angle of superhydrophobic coatings are less than 10 degrees.
  • Hydrophobic coatings have a water contact angle of 90 degrees or higher. However this coating is more durable compared to the superhydrophobic coating.
  • Hydrophilic coatings have the opposite properties compared to the two above. Hydrophilic means “water loving”, therefore this coating is often used for medical instruments. The coating increases the lubrication of the equipment that can create more comfort for the patient.

The spray-bottle version of hydrophobic coating is suitable for, for example, waterproofing your clothes, shoes or your coat. However, the coating is also very beneficial for multiple industrial uses.

Hydrophobic coating for industrial purposes

As mentioned above, the coating can help with everyday problems in different industrial sectors or improve many processes by fastening them or making the chance of errors significantly smaller. To give you an idea about the application of hydrophobic coating in industrial sectors, we have selected the most common ones. The coating is used;

  • in the production of electronics, such as, mobile phones, tablets and hearing aids
  • for boats and ships. The coating eliminates the possibility that organisms attach to the substrate.
  • to coat food processing parts
  • to coat tubes and pipes of the industrial structures

Hydrophobic coating for cars for better vision

Besides the industrial applications, water repellent coating for glass is also one of the most popular solutions. Therefore, the coating is often used in the automotive industry to be applied on the windshields of cars. The coating prevents water from staying on the windshield and hence allows the driver to see clearly in rain. Also, water droplets from humidity can also be repelled using these coatings.

A number of accidents occur due to unclear windshields. Applying these types of coating can prevent such occurrences and also prolong the life of the shield. Besides the protection of the windshield, the wipers will have an increased life time as well.

hydrophobic coating for cars

Comparison of hydrophobic coated and uncoated glass reacting on water spray


hydrophobic coating on a shoe with water drops

Hydrophobic coating waterproofs textiles

Hydrophobic coating for textile

Hydrophobic coatings not only repels water, but also provides resistance against microbial growth. Bacterial growth, for example, can be prevented on substrates that are coated with hydrophobic paints.

The clothes will be more sustainable and last longer when a hydrophobic coating is applied. Furthermore, it is practically very effective since you do not have to worry about getting wet and dirt is very easy to remove from your clothing.


Hydrophobic coating manufacturers in India

You can find a number of water repellent coating providers in India. Below we have provided you with a list of Hydrophobic coating manufacturers in India. If you need any assistance to find the right Hydrophobic coating expert for your project, do not hesitate to contact us via the quote button. 

ANT LabUnique Park B-1, Near DGN, Navghar , Dist – Palghar, Mumbai City, India
Astra Chemtech Pvt. Ltd. No. 306, Nav – Vivek Industrial Estate,. Mogul Lane, Mahim West, Mumbai – 400016, Maharashtra, India
Contech Chemicals308/309, ONYX-2, Jalaram Mandir Road, Near Navchetan School, Paldi, Ahmedabad – 380007. Gujarat ,India.
Clean Coats Pvt. Ltd. G Wing, Unit No.437, 4th floor, Kanakia Zillion, LBS Marg, Kurla (West), Mumbai – 400070, Maharashtra, India.
Leader Paint MarketingShop No. 1, Vinayak Apartment, 387, Narayan Peth Near Patrya Maruti Chowk, Modi Ganpati, Narayan Peth, Pune – 411030, Maharashtra, India
TECHExpert Engineering116, Siddharth Towers, Maharshi Karve Rd, Paschimanagri, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra – 411038, India


Hydrophobic coating prices in India

The prices of the products vary according to the quality and the provider. Besides that, the substrate on which the coating needs to be suitable for can change the price as well. Below you can find the average prices for application on different substrates.

ProductAverage price (based on 20 litre packaging)
Hydrophobic coating for the interior & exterior of your home₹ 5000
Waterproofing clothes & fabric – Hydrophobic coating for textile ₹ 11.500
Non Oleophobic – Hydrophobic coating for metals & ceramics₹ 19.500
Oleophobic – Hydrophobic coating for metals & ceramics ₹ 41.500
Hydrophobic coating for stones ₹ 19,500

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