Non-skid paint

What is non-skid paint?

Non-skid paint is a coating that can be added to fresh paint so that it does not skid. This can be an effective means by which the paint can be held in one place. It can be used in:

  • Keeping the paint intact
  • Allowing the paint to strongly bond to the surface
  • Enhancing the durability of the surface by protecting it from frequent wear and tear
  • Making the paint last longer.

Non-skid paint for wood

Woods can be made much more resilient and strong by applying a coating of quality paint. Nevertheless, paints can skid very easily from flat surfaces. This means that the paint may not hold long enough to get bonded with the wooden surface.

Therefore, the surface may have uneven amount of paint all across making the wood vulnerable to various corrosions.

Non-skid coatings can therefore prevent such skidding. This also implies that since the paint will be in one place, it can be prevented from spreading onto the floors keeping the area around it clean and free from any paint marks.

Non-skid paint for concretenon-skid paint for concrete

Non-skid paint for concrete, as the name implies, is used for preventing paint from skidding from concrete and metal surfaces. As far as concrete is concerned, more and more houses and other residential structures are being constructed out of concrete.

Therefore, it is important that paint on such concrete structures is evenly spread out so as to reinforce the concrete and prevent it from any harm. Non-skid coatings can be used for doing so.

Non-skid coatings on paint on concrete surfaces can be an efficient way of making the concrete stronger and more durable. Industrial products can benefit from this immensely as most of the buildings and plants have concrete walls.

Non-skid paint for boat decks

Painting boat decks can be quite a tricky task as the surface is not straight. Rather, it is very slippery and can cause paint to easily skid off.

Non-skid coatings can be applied accordingly in order to make the paint hold on to the boat surface long enough for it to be bonded completely.

This protects the paint from getting off and reinforces the boat’s deck. It also goes without saying that boats used in shipping containers can benefit from this immensely. This is because such boats have to endure large weights and harsh climatic conditions.

All this can cause the paint to wear off. However, applying non-skid coating can make the paint stick to the surface more strongly. This helps the surface resist the harsh climatic conditions very effectively.

Non-skid coating manufacturers and prices in India

With the increasing demand for non-skid coatings, a number of vendors have sprung up to provide such products in India. There are a variety of such coatings with different price listings. They can cost you from INR 300 to 500 per litre.

Natroyal Industries Pvt. Ltd., Marble Magic Corporation and Antislip coating are some of the leading suppliers. You can find a lot more on

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