Anti slip paint India

anti slip paint on a walkway

Increase safety with anti slip paint

Anti slip paint is a floor coating system which provides a rougher surface on usually slippery substrates. The roughness in turn, provides more grip and so reduces incidents caused by slipping and tripping.

Anti slip coatings are the most common in public places and working environments, yet they are also becoming more and more popular in residential buildings.

3 ways to create an anti slip surface

  1. 1 component paint that contains anti slip particles
  2. 2 component system where anti slip particles are added just before application
  3. Regular floor paint where non skid particles are spread on right after application 

Non skid paint for concrete floors and walkways

non slip paint on concrete stone stairs

Stairs with safety increasing anti slip paint.

The aforementioned anti slip coating types are all suitable for concrete. However, there is also a special anti slip paint suitable only for concrete: it is a treatment that roughens the concrete surface by forming tiny pores on it.

All the anti slip products can be used on concrete floors, walkways and stairs. Be however sure to control the suitability of the product prior to application.

Factors that may lead to failure of system include:

  • Interior paint used outside
  • Low traffic area paint applied in high traffic areas

Non skid coating for wood decking and bridges

Making a wooden surface anti slip often differs from treating concrete; wood is a naturally beautiful material and often the looks are wished to be retained. Therefore, a transparent anti slip coating is the most common on wood. This can either be an oil, paint or lacquer.



Sometimes a solution  other than anti slip paint may be more convenient. This is the case especially when only small area requires coating or when extreme vehicle or foot traffic is expected.

Here are several options that also create a non skid surface:

  • Anti slip tape for stairs, walkways and pedestrian routes
  • Non slip strips for steep roads, sloaps and bridges
  • Non skid mats for temporary use on floors
  • Anti skid sprays for small surfaces such as bathtubs and showers


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