Teflon coating for bikes

teflon coating for bikes applied on a motorcycle

Enhance the shine of your motorcycle with Teflon coating

People often get advised on getting a Teflon coat done on their vehicles. Some say it gives the vehicle a gloss finish, some say it is like a sunscreen lotion that protects the vehicle’s paint. Some even say that it is enough if you use it once in a while and one need not repaint the vehicle. With a Teflon coating for bikes, the bike is protected from wear and tear, rust and other things such as dust marks, dirt etc.

Teflon® is a brand name and a chemical known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and it can be used as a Teflon coating. It has a wide variety of uses because it is extremely stable. For instance, it doesn’t react with other chemicals and can provide an almost frictionless surface. Most people are familiar with it as a non-stick coating surface for pans and other cookware and as a coating for cars. It is also used in many other products, such as fabric protectors and also for bikes.

The reasons why Teflon coating is beneficial for bikes

Just as with cars, Teflon coating can be applied on bikes. The benefits are similar such as, preventing the wear and  tear of the bike, anti rust and other things such as dust marks, dirt etc. Below some of the major reasons why you should get a Teflon coating on your bike.

  • The coating protects the bike from minor scratches
  • It has a lubricating non-stick effect
  • Increases the shine of the motorcycle
  • Makes maintaining your bike easier
  • Teflon coating prevents the chemicals from reacting with the surface and stops corrosion.

Downsides of Teflon coating for bikes

  • The coating is not permanent. After 6 month the coating is worn off and need to be applied again
  • If the coating is not applied correctly, it is possible that the coating damages the mechanical parts of the motorcycle
teflon coating for bikes applied on a motorcycle

Teflon coating for bikes applied on a motorcycle

Five steps to apply Teflon coating on bikes

The procedure of applying the Teflon coating is done in 6 steps. They are as follows:

  1. Water wash: It is important to give your motorcycle a thorough water wash to make sure that there is no dirt before applying the coating.
  2. Rubbing: Rub the areas with the rubbing compound. By doing so, small scratches on the bike will be removed.
  3. Glaze: This step is to enhance the shine of the paint on the motorcycle.
  4. Teflon coating:  A soft cotton cloth is used to apply the Teflon onto all the painted areas over the bike. It is then left to dry for a few minutes.
  5. Wax coating: Also called the ‘Finishing’ step. It protects the coating and gives it a glossy shine.

Teflon coating price for bikes

The prices to get your motorcycle coating with a protective Teflon coating vary between coating applicators. To price is often somewhere between Rs 550 and Rs 750. The region in which you let your bike coating may have an effect on the price as well. You can decide to apply the Teflon coating yourself as well. However, it is very challenging to find the actual Teflon coating for personal application.

Service companies that provide Teflon coating for bikes

It is advised that one makes sure that an original Teflon product is used with the application, there are a lot of fake products in India.

Shining Carz D-15 Floor, 10, 1st Block D, Alpha I, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201310 – India
VL Servicing CentreBypass Road Bigrahpur, Near Mithapur Bus stand, Patna, Bihar – India
The Detailing Maffia 12th Sharad Vihar, Karkardooma, Opposite to Rishabh Jain Local Shopping Centre, Delhi – 110092 – India

Removing Teflon coating from bikes

If you wish to remove the Teflon, because you want a new layer or if you want to use another coating for instance you can was the bike. The Teflon coating will get washed off the moment you use soap and water on your bike. You can use a sponge and soap to rinse the bike and completely remove the Teflon coating.

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