Teflon coating in India

Polishing a car where teflon coating has been applied onto

Teflon coating: The problem solver

Teflon coating, discovered in 1938, is a trade name registered by DuPont of a plastic material called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE is, such as, polyester and nylon, a synthetic type of fiber. Teflon has a very high melting point and keeps its form with low temperatures as well. Due to its unique properties, Teflon is a problem solver for a high variety of products and surfaces.

The composition of Teflon coating

You might be wondering how  Teflon is made and what the ingredients are. PTFE is a form of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE), due to a chemical reaction on a molecular level TFE become PTFE. This chemical reaction is also known as polymerization. TFE is a synthesized product created with chloroform, fluorspar and hydrofluoric acid. It is stored in a liquid form and is colorless and odorless. However, TFE is highly flammable and therefore very difficult to transport. Due to this, PTFE manufacturers often decide to manufacture their own TFE. In order to produce PTFE, the process required chemical initiators as well. These initiators can form chemical bonds to a single molecules. Besides the ingredient mentioned, water is essential for the polymerization process.

Teflon coating: advantages vs disadvantages


Teflon coating has a number of unique advantages which are helpful in many industries and manufacturing processes. To give you an idea about the properties we have listed the most important ones for you;

Meet and lemon on cooking pan with Teflon coating

Teflon coating on cookware has a beneficial anti stick function.

  • Teflon is heat and cold resistant
  • It is basically self-cleaning due to its non-stick quality
  • Is not effected by environmental chemicals
  • Is resistant to water and products that contain water
  • Suitable for cables since it is a strong insulator.
  • It is an abrasion resistant coating
  • Teflon reduces friction and therefore suitable for many industries


Although Teflon is widely used in various applications, it has some negative points.

  • At high temperatures, utensils or other surfaces coated with Teflon may break apart and discharge harmful gases.
  • Teflon coatings contain chemicals that have dangerous health hazards. Such coatings are usually found on furniture items.

To what is Teflon applied?

Teflon coating can be applied to a lot of different objects and surfaces. However the most popular and known applications are on cookware, cars, bikes and cables. The application of Teflon can be done with the use of a spray-able Teflon product or with a powder coating. If you wish to know more about the application of Teflon, please visit our Teflon coating process article.

Teflon coating manufacturers and prices in India

There are a number of Teflon providers in India. The prices vary according to the size and amount of the coating that you want. It can range from INR 255 per can to INR 2000 per square feet.

Meta Fin Solutions, Poly Metal India and N Shashikant & Co. are some of the leading suppliers.

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