Teflon coating

What is teflon coating?

Teflon is a synthesized polymer that is used for coating surfaces for a variety of purposes, in this case teflon coating. It is comprised of carbon and fluorine and is water resistant. Some of its applications are as follows:

  • It is used to coat surfaces to reduce friction
  • It is also used on cooking utensils where it is coated on items such as pans so that the food does not stick.
  • Due its non-reactivity, it is also coated on surfaces where certain corrosive chemicals are present. Teflon prevents the chemicals from reacting with the surface and hence stops corrosion.

Teflon coating: advantages vs disadvantages


Teflon coating has a number of benefits depending on the nature of use.

  • It is an ideal non-stick chemical that does not allow any adherences between surfaces. It is perfect for cooking utensils.
  • It has a very low friction coefficient.
  • It also serves as a very effective water-resistant coating.
  • It can also be used on cables since it is a strong insulator.


Although Teflon is widely used in various applications, it has some negative points.

  • At high temperatures, utensils or other surfaces coated with Teflon may break apart and discharge harmful gases.
  • Teflon coatings contain chemicals that have dangerous health hazards. Such coatings are usually found on furniture items.

Teflon coating process

A Teflon coating has the ability to apply many other properties to the item it is being applied to. Of course Teflon’s non-stick properties are probably the most common ones desired, but there are a few other properties, like temperature-related properties, that might be the ones that are actually being sought. But whatever the property that is being sought from Teflon, there are a couple of methods of application:

  • The surface of the item that is being coated with Teflon is sandblasted so that it receives a lot of tiny micro-abrasions. This rougher surface is easier for the non-stick Teflon to grab onto. However, this method has been shown to create a rather weak bond with the item it is being coated onto. This is why some cookware may be more easily scratched than others.
  • A stronger bond can be created by using a resin as a bonding agent to help the Teflon stick onto the item.

Both of these two methods focus on overcoming the one property that so many people know Teflon for-it’s non-stick property. After all, it is very difficult to get something that doesn’t stick to anything to actually adhere onto an object. But once the Teflon coating is applied, you have a smooth surface that resists water and can stand up to a wide variety of temperatures. It’s perfect for numerous applications, both in the consumer and industrial sectors.

teflon coating difference

Teflon coating for car

Teflon coating on cars is a widely practiced application. The bodies of cars are painted with Teflon to give them a brilliant shine and prevent corrosion. Consequently, the coating prevents wear and tear of the car.

Also, Teflon is used on the underside of the car. The coatings for the inside body are normally 3 mm thick. However, thinner coatings can also be obtained.

The coating protects the car from scratches and dirt. Besides preventing rust, Teflon coating gives the car a beautiful gloss and keeps the car looking as new. It therefore goes without saying that the car’s life span is increased significantly.

Teflon coating for bike

Just as with cars, Teflon coating can be applied on bikes. The benefits are similar with the bike being prevented from wear and tear, rust and other things such as dust marks, dirt etc.

If one wants to apply the coating, the steps are quite simple. Firstly, you will need to wash the surface. This can be the surface of your bike or car. Secondly, you have to give the surface a thorough rub using a rubber compound.

Next, glaze the surface and then coat the surface. You can apply the coating on the dashboard as well. A spray gun can be used to put on the coat.


Telfon coating manufacturers and prices in India

There are a number of Teflon providers in India. The prices vary according to the size and amount of the coating that you want. It can range from INR 255 per can to INR 2000 per square feet.

Meta Fin Solutions, Poly Metal India and N Shashikant & Co. are some of the leading suppliers. More can be found on Indiamart.com.

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