3D Epoxy Flooring – Transform your floor into an eye-catcher

The possibilities with epoxy floors are endless. 3D epoxy flooring is a huge trend in 2017 and is likely to become even more popular in the future. Transforming the floors of the areas in which your customers enter the office will astonish them. You can get your floor 3D coated with a photograph of, for example, the Shivanasamudram Falls or choose a design with lifelike sharks or dolphins. Making the company logo a part of your floor is also a possibility.

A 3D epoxy flooring is a life long coating and when applied by specialist, it is a beautiful piece of your home or working environment.

Costs of 3D epoxy flooring in Bangalore

The prices for these floors depend on several factors. Namely the size of the to be coated area, the condition of the base surface, the type and design of the floor and the complexity of the work. Therefore, flooring experts in Bangalore don’t display prices on their websites very often. When you wish to have the complete package of materials, a 3D pattern, base preparation and application, the price range will start around 6500 INR up to 36000 per square meter.

3D flooring experts in Bangalore

It might be rather difficult to find a 3D flooring expert in Bangalore. To help you on your way, we have listed the experts below. If you need any assistance in finding the most suitable 3D flooring applicator for you in Bangalore, do not hesitate to contact us! 

3D Floors and WallMK Ahmed Road, 6th Main 5th cross, Vijayanagar, Bangalore – 560040, Karnataka, India
Chemovate 3753, 2B Cross, 2C Main, Girinagar 1 Phase, Bangalore – 560085, Karnataka, India
Redo-Decor Flooring #4, Satyam Arcade, Below French Load, BTM 2nd Sgage, Ist Phase, Bangalore – 560076, Karnataka, India


Do you need help finding the right 3D epoxy flooring specialist in Bangalore?

Contact us and we will find you the perfect match, completely costless


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