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3D flooring brings the Indian Ocean to your bedroom

We are used to using walls and floors as the background for our furniture, paintings and other interior decoration items. Now imagine turning it all around – making the floor stand out leaving everything else to the background. It is possible with 3D flooring, one of the current hypes in India. Floral, aquatic and cartoon themes are the most popular, yet any texture or picture can be used to create the 3D effect.  Whether you want to bring a piece of the Indian Ocean to your bedroom or the Taj Mahal in your living room, 3D floor painting makes it possible!

In this article we will explain how 3D flooring is made and outline several contractors that carry out 3D flooring jobs across India. Here you will also find the answer to the question ‘how much does 3D floor painting cost in India’. 

Creating 3D flooring – the process

A 3D flooring system brings the floor to the centre of attention; it creates an illusion of walking in the ocean or being surrounded by rose petals. But how is 3D floor actually made? It is easier than you might think – it’s all about choosing a texture or picture and topping it with a clear epoxy coating. Below you can find a description of all the layers that make a 3D floor.

layers of 3D flooring system

A 3D floor consists of several layers – source: 3D Flooring India

  1. Primer – the primer has two purposes: it evens out the substrate and provides adhesion for the next coating.
  2. Scratch coat – the layer before the  3D picture is scratch coat; this layer must create an even surface and provide adhesion to the picture.
  3. The 3D sticker / picture – the appearance of the floor is defined by the picture or sticker.
  4. Top coat – a clear 100% solid epoxy coating tops the flooring system, it should be applied at least 600 microns thick and be a self levelling system.

3D epoxy flooring is not an impossible job for a non-professional, but good results can be guaranteed when relied on a certified contractor. 

An estimation of 3D floor painting cost in India

A 3D flooring system is definitely not cheap, but it is more durable than other flooring options such as laminate. A 3D floor can be given a warranty for 20 years depending on the product and contractor. The total 3D flooring cost is dependent on several factors:

an uneven stone floor made 3D flooring with epoxy

The 3D flooring cost is affected by substrate area and condition; as well as chosen design.

  • Substrate area – the larger the substrate are, the lower the cost of 3D flooring per square metre.
  • Condition of the substrate -the more surface preparation is required the higher the epoxy 3D epoxy flooring price.
  • Type and design – 3D floor can be created by using stickers, pictures or creating a texture with another material; the used material affects the 3D floor painting cost.
  • Complexity of the project – naturally, the more complex the project, the higher the 3D flooring cost. The complexity can refer to for example the shape of the floor.

Due to the uniqueness of every project, exact 3D flooring cost cannot be given prior to requesting a quote. However, the general guideline is that the 3D floor painting cost in India lays somewhere between Rs. 3500 and Rs. 36.000. The big difference between the lowest and highest 3D floor coating price indicates that different qualities are available.

Contractors for 3D flooring in Delhi and across India

Given the fact that 3D epoxy flooring is an ever-growing trend in India, the number of certified contractors is increasing. Below you can find a selection of contractors that carry out 3D flooring in Delhi and the rest of India. For more information on 3D flooring in India, do not hesitate to contact us! We, in cooperation with our specialist partners, will make sure you will become the talk of the town with your industrial or commercial 3D floor.

3D Floorings CB-326 B, Naraina Industrial Area, New Delhi, India
Kortec Engineering Inc. 184-B, Pocket-12, Jasola Vihar, New Delhi – 110025, India
Motley Exim Co B-70/56, D.S.I.D.C. Sheds, Lawrence Road Industrial Area, New Delhi, – 110035, India
Hardik System 81, 3rd Floor, GTB Nagar, Opposite GTB Nagar Metro Station Gate, No-1 Mall Road, Delhi – 110009, India
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