anti graffiti coating for wood makes graffiti easy to remove

Anti graffiti coating for wood – make your surface easy to clean

Anti graffiti coating for wood protects wooden surfaces against vandals. Various coatings work very effectively. This is because such coatings need not be reapplied. They tend to be quite resilient and therefore endure all sorts of graffiti paints. If a graffiti artist paints on the surface, you remove the paint easily as the coatings prevents the paint from bonding to the surface.

Given that most of the neighborhoods have wooden fences nowadays, such coatings can be very beneficial to keep them clean. Not only will you benefit in terms of low costs but also the coatings are a sustainable solution.

Application process of Anti-Graffiti coating on wood

Applying anti graffiti coatings is a specialist job. In present day, new walls already have a special anti graffiti coating. Naturally, it’s also possible to coat existing structures with anti graffiti coating and to protect them against graffiti artists. You need to apply an anti graffiti coating usually in three layers. A matte or see-through layer is the following step.

First you need to determine which anti graffiti product is the right solution for the surface. Furthermore, it is important to choose between the semi permanent and the permanent coating. You can easily request for a quotation by contacting us. We are happy to help!

anti graffiti coating for wood helps remove graffiti from wooden fences and other surfaces

Anti graffiti coating for wood helps remove graffiti from wooden fences and other surfaces

After you chose the fitting product, you can order the coating and then you can start treating the surface. To achieve the desired result you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the surface is well impregnated with an preventive impregnation;
  2. Let the surface dry;
  3. Cover the windows, window frames, plants with plastic or tape;
  4. Apply the anti graffiti coating with a roller, brush, or spray machine;
  5. Apply a minimum of three layers and let every layer dry thoroughly.

Always read the instructions for different methods of application.

We strongly advise to apply the coating without any interruptions. After the first layer, you apply the second layer after an hour and the third layer an hour after that. At high temperatures the coating will dry a lot quicker. Directly after applying, you can clean the materials like roller, spray machine and brush with water.

Remove graffiti from wood

Removing graffiti is harder if you have a wood fence, but don’t despair. It’s not an impossible task.

You’ll need the following items:

  • Paint thinner;
  • A soft rag;
  • A pressure washer;
  • A hand scraper;
  • Sand paper;
  • An oil based stain.

How to remove graffiti from a wooden fence

  • Avoid dubious graffiti removal products, like graffiti wipes and magic erasers. While they might be effective on other surfaces, wooden fences in general, and cedar fences in particular, need some special TLC.
  • Act quickly for the best results. You do not want to give the graffiti time to soak into the wood.
  • Start by rubbing paint thinner over the affected area. If the graffiti isn’t responding to the paint thinner you’ll need to use your hand scraper to gently pull the graffiti from your fence.
  • Next, you will pressure wash your fence, just as if it were covered with more natural dirt and debris.
  • Once you’ve washed the fence you’ll likely need to smooth it back down with a bit of sand paper.
  • Now, you’ll need to reapply the anti graffiti coating just as if you were painting the fence for the first time.
  • If you didn’t paint your fence in the first place then it might be less time-consuming and frustrating to simply paint over the graffiti. Keep that in mind when you evaluate the damage that’s been done.

Anti graffiti paint for wood manufacturers in India

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