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Milk Paint India

Everyone is talking about 100% natural milk paint Everyone is finding old bits of furniture and bringing them back to life and there is a new product in town. Milk paint is the 100% natural cousin to chalk paint that is muscling in on the furniture painting scene. Technically not at all new, the process […]

The Best Interior Paint Brands India

The best interior paint job uses the best interior paint brands Whether you are redecorating or setting up home or business for the first time, one of the most exciting parts is visualising the transformation you are going to make. These dreams becoming reality is the hard part. When it comes to paint, you can […]

Tips for Painting a Room

How to paint interior walls: Best Tips for Painting a Room There’s a reason we put off room painting for months and even years. Though picking out the best room colour and arguing about whether or not to have a feature wall may fill us with joy, the actual act of painting a room is […]

Best way to chalk paint furniture

Chalk paint furniture for that trendy chalky finish! Do you hate that old dresser with the scratches and dings? Or maybe that dated coffee table no longer works with your scheme, or the stains on the sideboard get you down. If you look at a tired bit of furniture and ache to replace it there […]

How to Remove Antifouling

Don’t keep putting it off: Our guide to antifouling removal When you pull your boat out of the water to find the antifouling looking awful with excessive layer buildup, cratering, peeling, flaking, or blisters appearing across the hull, you can’t put it off any longer. It is time to remove your antifouling. Whether you hire […]

Stripping paint off metal

How to remove paint off metal Whether you want to respray or repaint your metal furniture, renew defective coating from motorcycle and bike parts, recoat a tank, or remove graffiti stains, the first step of paint removal from metal surfaces is to use the suitable paint remover for metal – mostly that’s a chemical paint […]

Powder Coating Removal India

What you need to know to remove powder coating There are many reasons for why you might want to remove powder coating. It might be due to a coating failure, the need to update and refinish, or cleaning racks and hangers after a successful coating, but sometimes you need to strip a coating. Though its […]

Clear casting epoxy

Clear casting epoxy – the best that can happen to hobbyists Everyone has seen those tabletops decorated with embedded pennies, or the collections of resinated insects quietly waiting for their revenge in their shiny clear epoxy prison. It seems like everyone has a clear epoxy resin craft project in the works. Whether it is a […]

Buy powder coating powder in India

Where and how to buy powder coating powder in India Powder coating is a highly protective and environmentally friendly coating which is slowly replacing industrial solvent borne heavy duty coatings. The coating method is used to protect substrates from chemicals, corrosion, weather and physical damage while providing an even, drip-free finish. Powder coating powder also […]


Heat Resistant Paint India

Heat resistant paint protects from extreme temperatures When a substrate is subject to heat and rapid, extreme temperature fluctuations, it can lead to surface breakdown, coating failure and corrosion. Electrical and engine components, chimneys and ovens, pipework and chemical plants, all these are exposed to possibly damaging temperatures and conditions. A heat resistant paint (or thermal […]


Powder coating India

Powder coating – The go-to coating for industrial applications in India Powder coating has grown into a multi-billion rupee business worldwide. It is a part of our lives every day, coating everything from household items and bicycles to heavy duty machinery. Its popularity comes down to two things: protection and style. As a coating method it […]


Hydrophobic coating India

Hydrophobic coating makes surfaces effectively repel water Hydrophobic literally means afraid of water meaning that when a coating is hydrophobic, the coated surface fears water. In practice this means that the surface repels water by turning it into a shape of a column not letting it wet the surface. Besides protecting from water and other liquid […]


Teflon coating India

Make any surface non-stick with Teflon coating Teflon™ is a registered trademark of Chemours (formerly DuPont) for a range of fluoropolymer coatings for consumers and industrial applications. In India the teflon coating products are mostly known for their low coefficient of friction which creates a non stick surface for example on cookware and vehicles. However, these […]


Teflon coating for bike paint India

Teflon coating for bike paint protects from scratches and provides gloss Teflon coating for bikes and motorcycles is the newest hype among the Indian enthusiasts. It is also no wonder, given the fact that scratches are an every nuisance when being a part of the Indian traffic as one of the nearly 240 million registered […]

Packaging Coating India

Beautifying layer of protection with packaging coating The packaging that protects and stores our food, beverages, perishables, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, chemical products, etc. does not do so alone. Packaging coating is used to protect and enhance the interior and exterior of containers, packaging, lids, metal, plastic, board, paper, and more, in order to best maintain their […]

Wood Coatings India

Long lasting protection and beauty with wood coatings Wood is a wonderful, versatile building material that has been used for thousands of years to construct everything from walls and floors of the family home to the furniture and cabinetry that fill it. In order to keep wood functioning at its best and most beautiful, it […]

Anti reflection coating India

Anti reflection coating – No more annoying reflections & glare Glass is everywhere in our daily lives. From the displays and touchscreens we use to the windows that protect us from the elements in our homes and vehicles, we look at or through glass all day long. And for those who wear glasses, it is […]


Anti skid paint India

Better slip resistance and increased safety with anti skid paint Anti skid paint is a floor coating system which provides a rougher surface on usually slippery substrates.  Most accidents that happen at work or at home are caused by slipping or falling. Problem areas include steps and stairs, bathrooms, hallways and other areas at home […]

Fire resistant paint for steel

Fire resistant paint for steel and why it’s needed Strength is one of the main reasons we use steel in building construction. Steel is a tough construction material, used in buildings across the country. However, this strength is challenged by the severe heat of a fire. In a fire, it can take only minutes for unprotected […]

Fire resistant coating India

The essentials of fire resistant coating Fire resistant coating, or other fireproof construction and lining materials, have been compulsory for years now in office buildings, entrance halls, public buildings, parking garages and governmental buildings. In India the general rule is: the higher the building, the longer the material needs to withstand flames. In case of fire, […]

Chemical resistant coating India

Protect surfaces from solvents, acids, alkalis and more with chemical resistant coating Almost all coatings will be exposed to chemicals and acids at some point, whether cleaning products, spills, or fumes. However most of these are mild, and the coating does not need a special formulation. Chemical resistant coating or paint is designed to provide […]


Corrosion resistant paint & coatings

Corrosion resistant paint and coatings protect metals from rusting Corrosion resistant paint acts as a barrier between a metal and its environment, and increases its durability and lifespan. The roughly estimated global cost of metal corrosion damage is trillions of rupees. The good news is, a lot of this loss can be prevented by being proactive, […]

Anti graffiti coating in India

Protect your property with Anti Graffiti Coating Anti graffiti coating forms a protective barrier on surfaces at risk of graffiti paint or permanent marker ink. The barrier makes sure that the paint or ink does not adhere to the underlying wall but stays on the anti graffiti paint layer instead. As in most other countries, […]

Heat reflective roof coating India

Heat reflective roof coating and its benefits Heat reflective roof coating is a form of coating that can be applied on roofs of houses to reflect off heat of the sun. In particular, the heat reflecting roof coating reflects the visible, infra-red and ultra-violet rays. Due to this, heat reflective coatings are used for various […]

Seed coating

Smoother processes and better results guaranteed by seed coating Agriculture is an industry subject to a great deal of chance – the vagaries of climate and disease can greatly affect crop yield and quality. In order to ensure the best possible production, growers are increasingly turning to seed coating. Seed coating is used to improve […]

Metal coating India

Industrial metal coatings Metal is one of the most common materials in many industries such as construction, automotive, ship building and electronics. Although metal has many beneficial properties on its own, it is in most cases recommended to apply a metal coating to give the surface a protective layer with specific added properties. By doing […]


Anti graffiti coating for wood

Anti graffiti coating for wood – make your surface easy to clean Anti graffiti coating for wood protects wooden surfaces against vandals. Various coatings work very effectively. This is because such coatings need not be reapplied. They tend to be quite resilient and therefore endure all sorts of graffiti paints. If a graffiti artist paints on […]

Coating companies in India

Coating industry India The paint and coating industry of India is growing day by day.  An annual growth rate of 12.7 per cent in the decorative paint market and 9,5 per cent in the industrial paint market is expected. This growth is for a large part based on the development of high quality paint and […]

Abrasion resistant coating India

Abrasion resistant coating protects many surfaces  Abrasion resistant coating (also anti wear coating) as the name implies, is a type of coating that prevents surfaces from mechanical abrasion. As such, the coating is usually applied to metal surfaces and other materials that can be subject to abrasion. Abrasion resistant coating is common for, for example; Winders, Plates, Pumps, Mixers, Roll […]

Powder coating Mumbai

Powder coating Mumbai, Maharashtra As Mumbai is the most populated city in India and many large Indian companies have their head quarters in the city, it is no wonder that when it comes to powder coating Mumbai is an ideal location to let the job done. Or to open your own facility! Powdercoatings are widely […]

Teflon coating Delhi

Teflon coating Delhi – from cars to machine components When it comes to Teflon coating, Delhi is full of options; no matter if you are looking for Teflon coating for cars or an industrial PTFE coating solution for your products. Delhi offers all these services, you just need to know where to find them. To make […]

Nano coating car

The newest trend – Nano coating car Utilizing the cutting edge nanotechnology and polymer science, nano coating for a car actually bonds to your vehicle’s paint on a molecular level, forming a cross linked covalent bond. Nano coating car is thus worth it! Some paint sealants offered at car dealerships or detail shops based on […]

Aerospace coatings India

Durability in demanding environments with aerospace coating The aerospace sector is one of the most demanding sectors for coatings and materials. Aerospace coatings need to provide protection from corrosion, abrasion, weather, UV radiation, erosion, temperature variations, and more in the most extreme conditions. The aerospace industry can be divided into space, commercial aviation, military and defence, and […]

Fire retardant paint India

What is fire retardant paint? Fire retardant paint, as the name implies, is a type of coating that can be applied on surfaces to prevent fire accidents. Such coatings help reduce the flammability of fuels that are likely to result in hazardous fire incidents. Fire retardant paint has a number of uses as follows: They […]

Waterproof coating

Waterproof coating prevents damage Waterproof coating is a type of coating that is applied on surfaces to make them waterproof. Essentially, waterproof surfaces do not let the water soak them. Rather, they turn the water into a shape of a column and repel them effectively. Hydrophobic coating has many industrial applications. It is used on […]

Liquid coating

What is a liquid coating? Liquid coating is one of the many forms of coatings available at the moment. Liquid coatings exist as waterborne and solvent borne systems. The two types of liquid paints have a similar basic recipe. They contain: Fillers Water/Solvent Binder Additives Pigments Liquid coating vs. powder painting Liquid painting is still […]

Coating thickness gauge India

Coating thickness gauge for measuring dry film thickness For measuring dry film thickness (DFT) you can use a paint meter or coating thickness gauge. The most difficult measurement in the coating business probably is dry film thickness because of its impact on the coating process, condition and cost. These measurements can be used to determine […]

Coating Meaning

The Meaning of Coating in India Coating is a layer of material deposited onto a substrate to enhance the surface properties for corrosion and wear protection. Coating is more than just a protective layer and in the last few years coating became more and more important. The introduction of nano coatings and nano technology has […]

Coating process

Coating process from A to Z A coating is a substance that is applied to an object or surface. A coating can change the substrate’s property or appearance as well as protecting the substrate from wearing out. There are many different types of coatings due to the fact that they are suitable for different applications and […]

Anti glare coating

Anti glare coating | Anti reflective coating Anti glare coating is a special coating that prevents mirroring. It is used in the optical industry to prevent the reflection of glasses and lenses. The automotive industry uses nano coatings to prevent mirroring of sunbeams on the windshield of your car. Monitors and LCD screens are also […]

Instant UV floor coating India

Instant UV floor coating India There is a coating system on the market that cures at the speed of light! The floor is instantly dry and impact resistant only seconds after applying. This is all possible with the patented Instant Coating from SolidLux. The manufacturer of SolidLux developed instant coating to be able to deliver fast curing industrial floor coating […]