nano Coating meaning that water does not spread

The Meaning of Coating in India

Coating is a layer of material deposited onto a substrate to enhance the surface properties for corrosion and wear protection. Coating is more than just a protective layer and in the last few years coating became more and more important. The introduction of nano coatings and nano technology has made innovating coatings based on this nano technology gaining more traction. This results in the introduction of coatings like hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic coating meaning that they are water repelling.

In Easier words: A layer of a substance spread over a surface as for protection or decoration; a covering layer.

In the slipstream of the introduction of nano coatings the more advanced smart coatings were introduced, like solar window coatings and special coatings for healthcare.

The meaning of coatings in everyday life

Coatings are usually applied to make the component:

  • chemically more inert (corrosion resistant)
  • impervious to liquids and gases
  • harder
  • more wear resistant
  • insulating (electrically and thermally)
  • more decorative

Factors affecting the choice of a coating include:

  • service environment
  • life expectancy
  • substrate material compatibility
  • component shape and size, and cost.

There is a wide range of coating processes for depositing many different types of material at thicknesses ranging from just a few microns, up to several millimetres. The different types of coatings can be categorized in many ways. One common approach is based on the manner in which the coating material is deposited on the substrate surface. This includes atomic deposition, particulate deposition and bulk coating or cladding.

Different types of coating

Architectural Coatings

The largest segment of the paint industry in India is decorative coating (75%). Decorative coatings also include consumer paints.

These products are used to beautify and maintain the surfaces of homes, public buildings, offices and factories. About half are applied by “do-it-yourself” consumers, who recognize that paint is the most versatile, least costly and easiest to use of all home decorating products.

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