Epoxy flooring Delhi – improve the looks and quality of your floor

Epoxy floor-grey-roller-equalizing

Applying epoxy flooring in Bangalore with the use of rollers creates a equalized and durable surface

Epoxy flooring is becoming very popular in the industrial sectors and even at home. The increasing demand for epoxy flooring is due to the high amount of solutions the floor provides when applied correctly. The options vary or are mixed between anti slip, self-leveling, chemical resistant and even more. Easier to clean and applicable for every industry.

Delhi is home to a lot of different industries. Such as, the electrical, pharmaceutical and the machinery sectors. The companies within these sectors might wish to get their floors coated with epoxy. Due to the large amount of companies in Delhi offering these coatings, it might become difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, we selected some of the best epoxy flooring applicators in Delhi.

Epoxy flooring specialists in Delhi

Below we have listed the companies that can help you with your epoxy flooring project in Delhi. We can also match your project with the right coating company, if you wish to do so, please make use of the button below. 

Taj Hi-Tech Coating Pvt. Ltd. F-40/3, First floor, Shaheen Bagh, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, 110025, Delhi India
Abhay Sahni Project Pvt. Ltd. 719, 7th Floor, Level-9, West End Mall, Janakprui, New Delhi, India
Yash Decors C-104, Shivpuri 2, Dindarpur, Najafgarh, Kumar Enclave, Delhi – 110043, India
Professional Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.Plot No. 8-B, First Floor, Nand Vihar Near Dwarka Metro Station, Kakrola, New Delhi – 110078, Delhi, India

Looking for more than traditional epoxy? Discover how epoxy coatings are used to make 3D floors!

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