fire retardant paint

What is fire retardant paint?

Fire retardant paint, as the name implies, is a type of coating that can be applied on surfaces to prevent fire accidents. Such coatings help reduce the flammability of fuels that are likely to result in hazardous fire incidents. Fire retardant paint has a number of uses as follows:

  • They can be used on skyscrapers to reduce the risk of a fire. The coating can be applied on critical areas that are quite fragile.
  • They can be applied on walls of buildings. This is particularly useful because various legal regulations have set a minimum safety standard that all buildings must meet. Applying coating can help builders meet these criteria.

Fire retardant paint for wood

Fire retardant paint for wood is very effective in terms of protecting wooden surfaces from fire. Various neighborhoods these days have wooden fences that can easily catch fire. Applying fire retardant coatings on these fences can greatly reduce the risk.

Not only this, but since the wood will be protected, it will last for a longer while. This means that applying these coatings can make a wooden surface more durable and robust.

Furthermore, almost every house has a number of electrical appliances. This increases the risk of a fire. Given that most houses are made out of timber, fire retardant coating on the walls can provide you extra safety from such accidents.

Fire retardant paint for electrical cables

Electrical cables are quite vulnerable to fire incidents. Although many precautions are taken while installing electrical cables, there are still some weak spots that can cause a dangerous fire. It is due to this that fire retardant paint for electrical cables proves to be very effective.

Not only do these coatings protect a building or house from catching a fire, it also increases the life span of the cables. Fire retardant are therefore a form of protective covering that reinforce surfaces on which they are applied on.

Electrical cables are almost everywhere. In industrial plants, these types of coatings can be a very effective method by which many accidents can be prevented.

Fire retardant paint for steel

fire retardant paint for cables

Fire retardant paint is applied on industrial cables

Another name for fire retardant paint used on steel is intumescent coating. The coatings are usually applied on structural steel so that it is protected. Steel rods can be made more robust and efficient if they are applied with such coatings.

Steel rods are very common in modern building and factories. Intumescent coating and protect these structures from hazardous situations. Furthermore, it is not only buildings and industries that can be protected, but also other items made out of steel that we use every day.

This is again an example of meeting the safety standard criteria set by professional bodies. Since steel is used a lot in construction, coating it will allow developers to meet the outlined safety standard in a very cost-effective manner.

Fire retardant paint manufacturers and prices in India

There are a number of fire retardant paint manufacturers in India. Prices vary manufacturer to manufacturer. However, it is normally between INR 2000 to INR 3000. Pacific Fire Controls and Prabhat Paint Industries are two manufacturers in India.

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