metal coating on architectural metal structures

Industrial metal coatings

Metal is one of the most common materials in many industries such as construction, automotive, ship building and electronics. Although metal has many beneficial properties on its own, it is in most cases recommended to apply a metal coating to give the surface a protective layer with specific added properties. By doing so, the product is protected even more and increases the products’ lifetime. Metal coating is often applied on equipment used in production processes that need to withstand a high amount of workload or weight.

Complications with metal surfaces

A huge amount of different product and structures are made from types of metal. It is a strong material but can have its complications when used often or when it gets in touch with certain environmental aspects. Metal can, for example, start building corrosion when it is used in a moist environment or gets in touch with water. Besides that, different chemicals, acids and oils can damage the metal as well.

Different types of metal coatings

“Metal coatings” itself can be separated in two definitions and two categories. Firstly, a coating that can be applied on metal surfaces. Secondly, a coating which contains metal particles. Many coatings suitable for metal surfaces contain metal themselves.

The two separate categories are industrial coatings and decorative coatings. Industrial coatings refer to those applied on objects during the production phase and decorative paints are those available for consumer and used for improving aesthetics of objects and surfaces.

One type of coating is often applicable on several surfaces. For example the following coating types are suitable also for metals and metal alloys.


Industrial metal coating can be applied on offshore metal structures

Moreover, there are safety coatings which are applicable on metal surfaces as well:

Applications methods for industrial metal coating

Industrial metal coatings can be either liquid or powder coatings. However, powder coating is more common due to the fact that it creates a more durable layer compared to liquid paints. Besides that, powder coatings are more environmental friendly due to their lower VOC content. Per type of coating, there are different application methods. Such as;

  • By brush or roller;
  • Low pressure spray;
  • Airless spray (also for 2K systems);
  • Electrostatic spray (powder coating);
  • Automated applications;
  • Curtain coating;
  • Dip coating.

Many industrial coating also require a curing procedure. That usually involves high heat on the surface, chemical or radiation application to harden and dry the coating.

Prices for industrial metal coating

The prices for the application of a metal coating depends on a variety of factors; time frame of the project, type of curing, level of thickness, type of coating, the amount of sq/m to be coated and the difficulty of the project itself. If you are looking for an applicator for your projects or if you are in need of a supplier of metal coating, do not hesitate to contact us via one of the “quote” buttons.

Metal coating manufacturers in India

Akzo Nobel India Plot #62P, 62A, 62B, 43E, Hoskote Industrial Area, Bangalore, 562114, India
Berger Becker Coatings Pvt. Ltd. D 58, Beside Lemken Factory, MIDC, Buttibori, Nagpur, Maharastra – 441122, India
NumacD-81, M.I.D.C., Hingna, Nagpur – 440016, Maharashtra, India
Premium Coatings and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. 19 NP, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Ambattur Chennai – 600098, Tamil Nadu, India
S.D. Adhesives Plot No. B-83, Lote Parshuram, MIDC, Tal. Khed – Dist. Ratnagiri, Maharashtra – 415722, India


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