nano coating car

The newest trend – Nano coating car

Utilizing the cutting edge nanotechnology and polymer science, nano coating for a car actually bonds to your vehicle’s paint on a molecular level, forming a cross linked covalent bond. Nano coating car is thus worth it!

Some paint sealants offered at car dealerships or detail shops based on modified silicone, which slowly degrades during normal driving conditions. In direct contrast, the same UV exposure that induces the oxidative decomposition of these sealants as well as loss of paint gloss actually strengthens some nano coatings and creates an even tougher surface.

Nano coating car provides you with numerous benefits. Nano coating guarantees that you:

  • Save time and money and minimize maintenance of your vehicle;
  • Don’t need to wax or polish your car again;
  • Needn’t worry about washing: in fact even rain can wash your car for free in many cases;
  • Get the best paint protection against acid rain, tree sap, bugs, sea salt, UV rays, bird droppings;
  • Have a paint that won’t crack, fade, or fall off;

Further advantages of nano coating car

nano coating car collects water in droplets instead of letting them spread on the car.

Nano coating car is beneficial especially due to the fact that water does not spread on it.

The benefits of nano coating car are almost limitless. They include also the following:

  • Highly water and grim repellent;
  • No white residue, no need to mask plastics off;
  • Protects, preserves and enhance the beauty of the paint finish;
  • Suitable for any paint on car, bike, boat or plane;
  • Can be applied to paint, glass, any metal, plastic etc;
  • Incredibly scratch resistant.

Suppliers of nano coating for cars in India

Coating prices are entirely subjected to the type of coating deal you have opted for.

Company Address
ONYXAA Plot No. 802 Rithala Village, Delhi, India
Always Dry Plot #2, Near Bal Bharti Public School, Parwana Road, Pitampura, Delhi
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