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Powder coating Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the major industrial areas in West Bengal and home to a variety of different industries. These industries include, for example, steel and iron, biotechnology and information technology (IT). Therefore, powder coating is popular in Kolkata as well.

Powder coating projects

Automated powder coating system

Automated systems for powder coating in Kolkata are more cost efficient when powder coating is needed in the production process

In order to excite powder coating projects successfully, the type and volume of the project need to be defined first. When the project has a high volume and will be repeated often in the future, it might be more cost efficient to install a powder coating plant on location. Keep in mind that powder coating equipment is rather expensive and will not only require investments but takes a lot of space as well. Smaller projects can be outsourced to local service organisations.

Powder coating services in Kolkata

In order to make the search a little less complicated, we selected some of the powder coating companies in Kolkata in the table below. If you wish to receive our support to help you find a suitable company for your project, do not hesitate to contact us!


Berger Paints India Ltd. 

Manufacturer / Supplier

Berger Paints India, 129 Park street,

Kolkata, 700017, West Bengal, India

Alex Powder Coat


31, Topsia Road (South),

Kolkata, 700 046, West Bengal, India

Gallant Equipment Pvt. Ltd. 

Equipment Manufacturer

104M, Karunamayee Ghat Road,

Kolkata, 700 082, West Bengal, India

Impex Powder Coat


105, Chowbaga Road, Topsia,

Kolkata, 700039, West Bengal, India 

Chanda Paints Pvt. Ltd.

Coating powder manufacturer

103, Park Street, 6th Floor,

Kolkata – 700 016, West Bengal, India.

Par-Ferro Coatings Pvt. Ltd. 

Coating powder manufacturer

 129, Matheswartala Road (South Tangra Road)

Kolkata-700 046, West Bengal, India

Costs of powder coating Kolkata

The costs of powder coating in Kolkata are affected by multiple factors. Such as, the shape and size of the object(s), the type of powder coating and material, and the volume of the project.

When your project is of high quantity, the price per square meter is often cheaper. Keep in mind that there are companies who deliver at low costs, but cheaper prices do not always represent quality of the end product.

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  1. Rajeev Khanna
    Rajeev Khanna says:

    wanted plastocor coating for heat exchangers . Are you doing it , if not can you suggest us who can do it?

    • Ayold
      Ayold says:

      Dear Rajeev,

      Thank you for your coating enquiry. Unfortunately, we do not have a Plastocor connection at this time. In India, Plastocor is partnered with Arudhra Engineers, who provide services as distributors and applicators for this product and can be found online. We hope this information is helpful, and good luck with your coating project.

      Best regards,
      Sofia – Coatings.co.in


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