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What you need to know about powder coating cost estimates

So you wish to know how much products and services related powder coating cost. Whether you need commercial-scale application, want your rims or wheels powder coated, or are looking to apply coating powder yourself, you have come to the right place. In this article we provide you with an overview of powder coating cost for industrial applications, DIY powder coating, and all other powder coating services.

Powder coating cost and pricing are determined by several aspects of the project:

  • The amount of pretreatment required
  • The type and colour of the powder
  • The surface area of the part or object
  • The application method

Because the powder coating paint price decreases as the quantity increases, it is more cost-effective to powder coat bigger projects than smaller ones.

Industrial powder coating cost and how to get the best price

powder coated gear for industrial equipment orange red

The powder cost is dependent on the item, colour and finish.

When it comes to industrial powder coating applications, the applicator will usually purchase powder paint directly from the manufacturer, providing you with a range to choose from. The prices vary depending on the manufacturer, the type of powder, and the nature of the contract with the supplier. It can often be beneficial to contact the manufacturer to enquire directly about powder coating cost based upon their product, and the applicators they supply.

Applicators tend to give a flat rate per item or a variable rate for mass jobs, depending on the difficulty of coating the objects, as well as their size. If pretreatment such as sandblasting is required, this may also add up to the costs. If you are searching for industrial powder coating companies, make sure to find out whether the company has the equipment and ability to coat your project. For more information, or to be connected with one of our powder coating partners, use the “Request a quote” button and get in touch!

How much does setting up a powder coating plant cost in India?

If you are not interested in powder coating services, but would rather set up a powder coating plant yourself, we can help you. Here below you can find some powder coating plant price estimations. In case you require more information on powder coating plants, suppliers or manufacturers, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help!

ProductBrandPowder coating plant cost
Auto Powder Coating Plant Anand ImpexApprox. Rs 2.000.000
Conveyor Powder Coating PlantSri Bagavathi IndustriesApprox. Rs 850.000

The above presented prices are for a complete powder coating plant. However, if you would like to see powder coating prices for separate equipment, please scroll further.

Powder coating equipment costs for industrial and domestic use

In the following table you can find some powder coating products and their prices. Note that the prices are only indications, and exclude possible shipping costs. Powder coating equipment pricing is variable between companies and products.

Type of Equipment BrandPriceSuitable for:
Powder Coating OvenSindhu Enterprises Approx. Rs 450.000 Steel, Aluminium, Iron, Wood and Plastic
Industrial Electrical OvenSri Bagavathi Industries Approx. Rs 51,000Powder Coating, paint baking, varnish baking and Welding
Powder Coating OvenVibrant Thermal EngineeringApprox. Rs 600.000 Steel and Aluminium
Spraying Booths
Filter Power Coating BoothSri Bagavathi IndustriesApprox. Rs 26,000 Steel, Aluminium, Iron, Wood and Plastic
Powder Coating BoothSri Bagavathi IndustriesApprox. Rs 25,000Steel, Aluminium, Iron, Wood and Plastic
Powder Coat BoothXtreme Mech X PertsApprox. Rs 35,000Aluminium
Industrial Powder Caoting BoothSri Bagavathi IndustriesApprox. Rs 150.000Steel, Aluminium, Iron and Wood
Coating Machines
Electrostatic Powder Coating MachineSri Isha IndustriesApprox. Rs 740.000 Steel and Iron
Industrial Powder Coating MachineKrisha PowdercoatingApprox. Rs 500.000Steel and Iron
Spray guns
Powder Coating Machine Spraying GunSindhu EnterprisesApprox. Rs 55,000 Steel, Aluminium, Iron and Chrome
Powder Coating Cup Gun (EZ100)Red Line Industries LimitedApprox. Rs 31,500Steel, Aluminium, Iron and Chrome
Equipment Accessories
Full Face MaskBalaji Industries Approx. Rs 2000
High Temperature Masking TapeGodson Tapes Approx. Rs 23/Roll
High Temperature Masking Tape Stylus TechnologiesApprox 108/Roll

Powder coating paint price depending on the resin and quality

Powder coating powders come in three main varieties: epoxy, polyester, and a blend of the two. As a rough guideline, polyester powders are cheaper than epoxy, and gloss finishes are cheaper than matt finishes. 0.5 kg of powder will cover about 4m2 of flat surface. Below you will find powder coating paint price indications for powders provided by a couple of suppliers. These products are originally made for industrial applications, but they can also be purchased in smaller volumes; making them also convenient for domestic applications.

ProductBrandPrice per kgPackaging
Pure Epoxy Coating PowderTulip PaintsApprox. Rs 180 / Rs 2001 kg – 10 kg
Epoxy Coating PowderTulip PaintsApprox. Rs 160 / Rs 2001 kg – 10 kg
Epoxy Polyester PowderTulip PaintsApprox. Rs 150 / Rs 1801 kg – 10 kg
Pure Polyester PowderTulip PaintsApprox. Rs 150 / Rs 1801 kg – 10 kg
Durable Polyester Coating PowderThermolacApprox. Rs 150 / Rs 180From 1 kg
Hybrid Polyester Coating PowderThermolacApprox. Rs 150 / Rs 180From 1 kg
Thermoplastic Polyester Coating PowderThermolacApprox. Rs 150 / Rs 180From 1 kg
Polyester Coating PowderThermolacApprox. Rs 150 / Rs 180From 1 kg
Polyester Coating PowderCoronil CoatingsApprox. Rs 200From 1 kg

Powder coating price list when applied by a specialist in India

Powder coating is a simple and versatile coating method, and because of this there are many companies in India that provide powder coating services. Of course not all of these provide the same services, yet the basis is the same. In India you can find powder coaters in nearly every city including MumbaiKolkataBangalore and naturally New Delhi.

To give an indication of powder coating costs, we put together a powder coating price list including the most common items that are brought to powder coating paint shops. These prices are merely indications and not exact prices. If you want more powder coating information, or have a powder coating project and want to be connected with one of our coating partners, take advantage of our 100% free quoting service. Our experts are here to help you find your coating solution, just click the “Request a quote” button at the bottom of this article!

CategoryItemPowder coating cost
Car partsAxels Rs 12400
Car partsDrums Rs 2000
Car partsSuspension arms (bottom/ top) Rs 1200
Car partsProp Shaft Rs 4000
Car partsGear box casingRs 4800
Car partsRocker coverRs 2400 – Rs 4000
Car parts Wheels From Rs 3600
Car parts Brake plateRs 2300
Car parts BumperFrom Rs 2700
Motorcycle partsFrame coating Up to Rs 24000
Motorcycle parts Wheels (front and rear)From Rs 7800
Motorcycle parts Wheel rim only From Rs 3200
Motorcycle parts Sissy barRs 2100
Motorcycle parts Head lamp shell Rs 1800
Motorcycle partsEngine covers From Rs 1400
Motorcycle partsBrake rotor (disc)Rs 1700 – Rs 2900
Bicycle parts Front forksRs 1400 – Rs 5300
Bicycle partsRims up to 18″ Rs 800 – Rs 2400
Bicycle partsRims up to 26″Rs 1100 – Rs 2800
Bicycle partsFrame coatingFrom Rs 3600
Garden furnitureTable and 4 chairsFrom RS 24500


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