The next best thing: Powder Coating wood

A few years ago, powder coating wood was not possible, due to the high temperatures in the curing process. When wood is exposed to high temperatures, such as 180 degrees Celsius in the powder coating process, the wood cracks. Besides that, an other powder coating method in which the product is cured in the oven between 140 and 150 degrees is only suitable for a limited number of wood types and MDF. To get the perfect result, powder coating on wood required two different layers. One for the flexibility of the coating and the other one to prevent the wood from wearing and tearing. Additionally, it was also necessary to cure the object a minimum of 3 times to preheat the object, cure the first layer of coating and then one more time for curing the top layer of coating.

Nowadays, developers of powder coating managed to create powder for wooden surfaces which only need to be applied once. The curing temperature is much lower which results in the possibility to powder coat a variety of wooden surfaces.

Quicker process due to heat resistant powder coating

The biggest advantages with this heat resistant powder coating are the following things:

  • Lower curing temperature decreased the energy use, therefore more sustainable
  • Possibility to powder coat more heat sensitive wood kinds
  • Increases production because 1 layer is enough
  • Complex surfaces are easier to coat with powder coating

The basic method of powder coating is still the same. However, as mentioned above, the object only needs to preheated in the oven and cured once when the powder coating is applied. Due to the combination of chemical ingredients, the curing process can be executed with a lower temperature in special infrared ovens. This improved process of powder coating is innovative, sustainable and increases the production due to time saved.

Which kinds of wood are suitable for powder coating


  • MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) en HDF (High Density Fibreboard)

    Powder coating wood – Bleech wood can be treated with powder coating.

    MDF and HDF are created by pressing wooden fibers into a board and have a middle harsh density. The fibers are dried and pressed together with the use of resins.  MDF is easy editable and therefore often used for kitchen and office furniture.

  • Modified wood 
    This type of wood is modified with the use of heating and therefore it becomes more sustainable. The modifying process is often applied on types of softwood. Modifying with the use of chemicals is also a possibility.
  • Solid wood
    With solid woods, the oak and beech wood types are often the ones that are eligible for powder coating.

In which types aren’t?

Wood types with an open structure such as, pinewood, meranti and mahogany contain a high amount of water and natural resins. Unfortunately, these types are unsuitable for powder coating  because they cannot be treated with high temperatures. If the powder coating innovations decrease the temperature to 100 degrees Celsius, these types will be suitable for powder coating. 

Costs for powder coating wood

Powder coating wood when the surface is complex, is often less expensive compared to traditional paints. To switch to powder coating your products, you need the appropriate equipment. Such as, an automatic spray robot, powder coating powder and an oven. If the production capacity is low, a coating line is often to expensive and will cost you more than it will save you eventually. Sharing a coating center is a possibility for small amounts of products to be coated. If you are interested in sharing a coating center, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Besides sharing one of these centers, you can also outsource the coating process to an expert. Due to years of experience, these experts can offer you a coating service which will definitely give your product the professional finishing coating.

The price for powder coating wood is based on different aspects.  The quantity of products, how large the surface is of these products and also the color and special coatings determine the price.

If you wish to now the price of your project, we advice you to contact us. We will provide you with the information you need and are happy to connect you with a local application company.

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