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Teflon coating for car – the remedy for minor scratches and decreased gloss

Teflon coating for car paint protection is one of the most recent hypes among car owners in India, which is not a surprise given the traffic in India. As there are on average more than 70 registered motor vehicles on a square kilometre (and all the non-registered ones) scratches, dent and other damage are common. Teflon coating for car paint provides an additional layer of protection, said to be more durable than traditional wax or hard wax. 

Teflon coating for cars, however, divides opinions; some rely on it dyed in the wool, and others claim it is waste of rupees. In this article will take a look at teflon coating for car paint as a measure of protection and provide you with an indication on the price of teflon coating a car.

Teflon coating for cars protects the paint and underbody

Teflon coating on cars is a widely practiced application. It is possible to paint the bodies of cars with Teflon to give them a brilliant shine and prevent corrosion. Consequently, the coating prevents wear and tear of the car. Teflon is a non stick solution also suitable for the bottom of a car. The coatings for the body are normally 3 mm thick. However, thinner coatings are also possible to obtain. Teflon coating for car paint or underbody is applied for two reasons – protection and appearance.

When a teflon coating for cars is applied correctly, it provides the following advantages:

Teflon coating for car before and after 

Teflon coating for car paint visibly increases the shine of the car.

  • Protection from swirl marks and minor scratches.
  • Durable high gloss finish
  • Acts as an anti-rust coating
  • Underbody protection from salt (coastal areas like Goa)
  • Protection against damage by stones and pebbles on the road
  • Applying Teflon on the under body acts as a sound dampener
  • Easy to clean and reduced maintenance

Teflon coating for car price / quality ratio

Teflon coating for car price compared to its performance is one of the factors that may cause one disliking the product. Letting teflon coating applied on a car costs minimum of 3,000 rupees which is 15 times more than buying a traditional wax and applying it by oneself. However, a car wax requires reapplication monthly whereas a teflon coating for car lasts for p to 6 months and it provides better protection from scratches. A teflon coating is also corrosion resistant, a characteristic a wax lacks.

Teflon coating for cars lasts 6 months unless repainting or dents occur and require fixing. The repairing process will remove the Teflon. It is also important to do the research about the applicator and products they use; the Indian market of teflon coatings for cars and other vehicles has also many replica products to offer – these will not last the 6 months.

Teflon coating vs. Ceramic coating – which is the one for your car

Another hyped product for protecting car paint is ceramic coating which becomes part of the clear lacquer thanks to nanotechnology. The effects of this coating are comparable to the ones provided by teflon coating for car. However, there are a couple of major differences which define which product is better for your car:

  • Price: A nanotechnology based product is always a greater investment: it can easily cost five times more than a teflon coating for cars.
  • Performance: Ceramic coating is also more durable than teflon car coating – it lasts 2-5 years before it requires reapplication. However, repainting and denting will damage the protective layer just like with teflon.
  • Application: Applying teflon spray for car can be a do-it-yourself job. A ceramic coating application cannot be applied by non-professionals.

Teflon coating price and products for cars

Getting Teflon coating for cars can be quite expensive. The prices are often based on the type of car, if the complete body (including under body) of the car needs to be coated and were you bring your car for the service. When you get your car coating in a bigger city in India, it is often more expensive compared to the service in smaller cities. To give you an idea of the costs, we have made a list of the average prices. If you are planning to get your car coated with Teflon, make sure that the dealer you choose has the Teflon coating of DuPont. There are a lot of applicators claiming that they apply Teflon coating while it is actually a regular polishing wax. 

Type of teflon coating for car Teflon coating for car Price
HatchbackRs 3000 / 3500
Sedan / SUVRs 3500 / 4500
Luxury Cars Rs 4500 / 6000
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