The blackest black paint – Vantablack paint in India

The trending Vantablack paint, developed in 2015 by Surray Nanosystems in the United Kingdom, is so black that it holds the Guinness World Record for the Darkest Man-made Substance. The  coating raised a lot of questions about the possibilities of applying the coating on different substrates and objects. For example, a Vantablack coating for cars or a Vantablack watch. We sure hope that the tests with Vantablack paint will result in endless application possibilities.

In this article we will discuss the characteristics of this amazing innovation and answer the question that is on everyone wants to know; where can I find it in India?

Vantablack, blacker than normal black paint

The secret of Vantablack is that it consists of a collection of tiny carbon nano tubes which are “grown”on a substrate while in a vacuum chamber. When you coat a surface with this paint, the carbon nano tubes absorb 99.965% of all visible light and also ultraviolet and infrared light. In other words, when Vantablack is used to a coat a bowl, all the eye can see is a flat black circle. Creating the look that it is two dimensional instead of three dimensional. Normal black paint does not even come close!

The properties of Vantablack paint

Vantablack is not only the blackest black. The painting has a lot of other characteristics as well. Some of the extraordinary properties of the coating include:

  • Extremely high light absorbance
  • High front to back thermal conduction
  • Super hydrophobic
  • Thermal shock resistance: changing temperatures from -196°C to 300°C has no impact on the coating’s properties.
  • High shock and vibration resistance

Applying Vantablack paint to your car

Applying Vantablack paint on a vehicle will be very dangerous (imagine a car coated with Vantablack by night). Besides that, coating a car with Vantablack will be very expensive. But, using the paint to highlight certain interior parts could be very effective. The material was originally designed for use in a diverse range of applications, from infrared cameras to scientific instruments. When Vantablack paint is applied to a surface that often is touched by people, the coating will be damaged. Therefore, the coating is not suitable to be applied on vehicles. Unless, you never want the car to leave the garage.

But don’t worry: A car coated with Vantablack paint might be a thing for the future. Researchers are testing the paint on new substrates to discover the possibilities. In the future, everything could be Vantablack.

Where to buy Vantablack paint in India

At the moment, the creators of Vantablack paint,  Surrey NanoSystems (SNS), control all the distribution and the production of the coating, and currently do not sell to private parties. However, they do sell their product to verified companies, research companies and educational institutes. If an university or museum wishes to receive a sample, you can purchase a sample only for educational purposes. 

Vantablack paint prices in India

Now you know that the actual purchase of Vantablack paint can be quite challenging, keep in mind that when you purchase a Vantablack sample that countries, such as India, outside the United Kingdom need to apply for an export license. This typically takes about 4 weeks to process.

Costs of Vantablack samples:

  • Aluminium Coupon 40mm x 40mm x 3mm – £300
  • Aluminium Foil Vantablack hexagon 100mm x 100mm – £323
  • Copper Coupon 76.2 x 25.4mm – £300
  • Educational Sample – £560

What you need to know before purchasing or distributing Vantablack

The reason why Vantablack paint is expensive is quite simple. Vantablack is not a color and cannot be bought in a bucket like paint. Applying the coating is actually a two-day process and very complicated. Extreme heat is part of the process and results in the growth of the nano tubes. The nano tubes give the coating its light-absorbing characteristic. The coating must be grown on the substrate, and this procedure is only done in the Surrey Nanosystems lab in the United Kingdom.

If you are seeking to act as a distributor for Vantablack, you might want to think again. However, they are open to applications for the use of their product across many fields. Anyone hoping to use Vantablack in a project should contact Surrey NanoSystems, as they work closely with clients in order to secure the best outcome for all.


In the future in might be possible to apply Vantablack paint on clothing

Future possibilities with Vantablack paint in India

Although the development of Vantablack was originally for the use in space-borne instrumentation, its shock resistance, thermal tolerance and light absorbing characteristics created that the coating was quickly found in many other applications in the science and technology sectors. The blackest black caused excitement with artists and designers. Architects, for example, are looking forward to using Vantablack for new buildings surfaces where heat can be stored and released. It should be no surprise artists and designers cannot wait to play with the eye-fooling substance. In the future the coating may be found in:

  • wiring microchips
  • architectural lighting
  • smartphones
  • camera lenses
  • Telescopes
  • Car industry

Why the possibilities of applying Vantablack on objects are limited at the moment

At this point, Vantablack is not yet applicable on fabric or other softer materials. The growing process of the nano tubes can only be done with stable objects which can withstand temperatures of  500°C or higher. The spray-able S-VIS version of Vantablack requires that the surface on which it is applied can withstand heats of 100-280°C.  Although its application method makes it more widely usable, the temperature is still to high for softer materials. Besides that, the surfaces coated with Vantablack cannot withstand direct contact and mechanical abrasion. In order to make coat more products with Vantablack, we need to make everyday items less melt-able or the blackest black more hardy.

Vantablack 2.0 – Even darker than the original Vantablack paint 

In 2016 Surrey NanoSystems improved its own record-breaking blackest black Vantablack paint. Vantablack Mark II was born, which is even blacker than the original Vantablack. The original coating absorbs 99,965% of light. However, the new version is so black that it cannot be measured, not even with the use of a spectrometer. The new Vantablack consists of thinner and longer carbon nanotubes than the original coating, allowing greater light absorption and almost no reflection.

In the video below you can see that the new Vantablack paint wins from the laser test ;

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